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SDG 12 Monitoring and Reporting in Pakistan
Publication Year : 2021

The study explains state of measures for Pakistan National Action Plan (NAP) on SDG 12 Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). The main objective of the study is to strengthen SCP national policy framework by establishing an operational baseline monitoring and reporting system for the SDG 12 initiatives in Pakistan. This study provides baseline for scenario development keeping in view key economic growth rate in parallel to SCP based activities in Pakistan. To develop the baseline, 11 different priority areas are analyzed to see if they cohered with national indicators in pertinence to SDG 12 targets. NAP considers these 11 priority areas, most significant with respect to setting up Pakistan’s priorities on sustainable development agenda till 2030. To manifest the importance of 11 priority areas besides their social and economic importance, we have accessed national, provincial policies, the policy documentation and communication since inception of NAP till date, which were critically reviewed to see their actual relevance and contributions to ongoing progress on SGD12 agenda in Pakistan.

Beginning with the key task of stakeholders mapping at federal and provincial levels, we identified key responsible actors in ministries and provincial governments who could help us best in not only in finding status of monitoring and reporting progress but first help us figure out national indicators specific to SDG 12 relevant to national context of Pakistan. Therefore, formulation of indicators is the most important part of this study. After initial consultations (provincial and federal), we concluded national indicators which we considered could be a good fit for measuring progress in all 11 sectors. In apropos of this, national indicators were mutually decided, thoroughly researched, and analyzed and formulated based on their economic importance at first.

All the national economic indicators are considered and selected to form a future baseline for Pakistan, which could suffice SDG 12 agenda needs if properly monitored and reported on a regular basis. In each priority area, the section on ‘Current Situation’ describes what national economic indicators are currently in use or could be potentially used provided their regular monitoring and reporting, and their direct and indirect relevance to SDG 12 targets and sub-targets in each sector. We also reviewed the policy relevance for each sector and its potential implications if implemented properly and with future benefit.

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