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Some Comments and Reflections on “Planning Experience in Pakistan”

Dr. Huda has earned our gratitude by elaborating in lucid terms the problems and experiences of planning in Pakistan [1]. As we approach the Fourth Plan we need to have a fresh look at past experiences so as to formulate the future plans in a much more realistic fashion than has hitherto been done. Dr. Huda, in his Address, has raised many issues in this respect. My comments will be limited to the planning technique that has so far been pursued in Pakistan. My concern is basically regarding the changes, that we would like to see, made in the coming plan in this respect. At the technical level, the formulation of a five-year plan has now be¬come synonymous with working out a multisectoral econometric (consistency) model, which provides the basic framework around which the plan is built. However, setting up a macro-model is only a part of the plan formulation. A comprehensive model which purports simply to develop and test the con¬sistency and optimality of an economic strategy is, at best, partially relevent to planning needs [5]. In fact, complete formulation of a five-year plan involves the following six categories of interrelated studies — the strength and realism of a plan depends on how satisfactorily these works are accomplished while a plan is formulated:

A. K. M. Ghulam Rabbani

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