Tax Reforms In Pakistan
Webinars Brief 27:2021
Author: Farah Naz
Publication Year : 2021

Dr. Nadeem Ul Haq opens the discussion and Mr. Ali Suleman introduces the two books to the audience, first one is “Tax Reforms in Pakistan Historical and Critical Review” and the second is “Towards broad, Flat, Low-rate and predictable taxes”. These books are authored by Ms. Huzaima Bukhari and Dr. Ikramul Haq, and published through the platform of PIDE and PRIME. These books discuss the systemic and organizational flaws in tax system and recommend potential solutions to help where fundamental reforms are needed. Accordingly, taxpayers negotiate with numerous tax authorities, which increases their cost of doing business and lack of tax-related incentives is always overlooked in reform debate.

Edited by Hafsa Hina, Design by Afzal Balti.