Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

The Corona War: Funding the Affected and Mechanisms to Reach Them
Publication Year : 2020

Learning about the Corona War: Previous PIDE COVID-19 Bulletins • Bulletin 1: Poverty will increase from 55 million people to 125 million people, depending on the depth of the economic recession due to COVID-19. • Bulletin 2: Lockdown is necessary and how to do it. Partial lockdown is happening now and is likely to cause large unemployment, perhaps 20 million plus jobs could be lost in agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, construction, wholesale dealers, transport, education and street vending. • Bulletin 3: Detailed a framework for a cost-effective and quality quarantine policy. • Bulletin 4: Estimated the impact of different lockdown scenarios, disaggregated by the various sectors of the economy. Rising poverty and unemployment, feared to be around 19 million, posing huge implications for the poor and vulnerable segments of the society. • Bulletin 5: The Corona War must be taken seriously, and the nation organized and mobilized for it. The Bulletin presented ideas for how to organize for this war to allow maximum local action while using information to manage and evolve a strategy centrally. Rallying the troops as well as evolving and tweaking a grand strategy. • Bulletin 6: Developed a template for collecting information from various ministries and levels of government to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on economy. This information if systematically collected would allow the Situation Room led by the PM to have the information necessary to learn about developments and keep the overall strategy and local battles coherent and integrated.