The Cultural Conception and Structural Perpetuation of FemaleSubordination: An Examination of Gender Relations among the Populationsof the Chalt-Chaprote Community in the Nager Valley of NorthernPakistan

Publication Year : 1992

This paper examines the subordination of women by men amongthe populations of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. The examination isundertaken with reference to the Chalt-Chaprote community in the NagarValley, where fieldwork was conducted in 1989-90. Hence, we: (a) Analysethe manner in which the subordination of women is manifested, andreinforced during different socioeconomic activities; and (b) Determinethe effects, or lack of effect, on the status and role of women, ofchanging conditions (as a consequence of increased incorporation of theregion in which the community is located, within the politicaleconomy).

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