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The Impact of the HYV Technology on the Variability of RiceProduction and Yield: Some Evidence from Bangladesh

In recent years, the impact of the high-yielding varieties(HYVs) of cereals on the stability of cereals production has receivedincreasing attention along with the growth potential of the technology.A number of studies, especially on Indian agriculture, have emphasizedthe destabilizing impact of the technology on foodgrains production. Incontrast to such fmdings, the present analysis of rice production andyield in Bangladesh suggests a lower variability during the postadoptionperiod. Such conclusions are also supported by seasonal and regionaldata, although HYVs themselves are seen to be more variable than theirlocal counterparts. An examination of the trends in variability duringperiods separated by the new technology provides an evidence of areversal of trends. It is argued that, with the introduction of HYVs,complementary technological irmovations and land/water resourcesdevelopment have taken place, which have enabled the farmers to reducegross dependence on nature and played key roles in reductions invariability in rice production and yield in Bangladesh.

Mustafa K. Mujeri

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