Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol.2 Issue 1
The lesson of Anandi
Publication Year : 2021

In a specially convened session, the nobility of the city—the municipality, with anger and fury, condemned how the ‘unholy’ women of the city were the reason of God’s wrath, source of youth’s poor performance in education, the misguiding to the Ashrafiya women. Thus, the municipality convicted their existence. In anticipation of making a city sinless and holy, it was announced to consecrate the sinning women out of the city to a barren land where snakes and sparsity were in abundance. coupled with the arrival of vendors—the paan frosh, the watering agent, imam masjid, the fruit-sellers. Witnessing the contrary to what was anticipated, the ‘visitors’ to these women started pouring in from the city. So much so, that members of nobility prolonged their delays to this previously barren land in name of trade and other excuses. The municipality could do nothing but witness the flight of nobility and capital to this newly developed town. Shortly, what in retrospect is a jiffy, there developed a city called Anandi.