Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

The Mobility Estimates and Social Outlook
Publication Year : 2020

The country is in a lockdown, the economic activity has plunged, and it is advised to stay at home in these testing times of COVID-19. Despite the clear government orders, commanding instructions and awareness campaigns, people are less heeded to comply with these. Away from the metropolitan hustle, there is a life less interrupted and is less affected by the state orders; and does go-on synonymous to as it was before, with less economic transactions assuredly. However, the trickle-down, and indiscriminate, effects of economic slowdown are tiptoeing in for all factions; and there is a visible slowdown in community mobility in Pakistan. While the media reports indicate less affective social-distancing abiding within peripheral areas, there is clear indication of low mobility seen in urban areas and public spaces. Google mobility reports suggests a precipitous slowdown in mobility with the help of tailing mechanisms of geo-locating the people. Also, the indecisiveness of government in implementing full or partial lockdown has made the lockdown avoidable, thus allowing partial mobility within cities and towns.