The Perspectives & Budget – Policy & Research (P&R) Vol 2, Issue 7

P & R Vol.2 Issue 7
Publication Year : 2021
  1. Commentary on Federal Budget
  2. Expenditures
  3. Taxes And Revenues
  4. Debt And Financing
  5. PunjabMohammad Shaaf Najib
  6. Khyber PakhtunkhwaHania Afzal
  7. BalochistanTaimoor Ali Butt
  8. SindhSaba Anwar
  9. Denying right to justice to taxpayersIkram ul Haq
  10. The Mountain Gave Birth to a MouseGonzalo J. Varela
  11. Textile Sector Perspectiveon BudgetShahid Sattar and Eman Ahmed
  12. Rural Support Programmes, AKHUWAT and the budgetPervez Tahir
  13. Macro-economic targetsPervez Tahir
  14. Making Automobiles Affordable for the Middle ClassMuhammad Shaaf Najib
  15. Critical Evaluation of Pakistan’s Budget Making ProcessSaddam Hussein
  16. Projections to Silver Lining: Economy on Recovery AlleySaud Ahmed Khan and Amena Urooj
  17. How Much Land Does a Man NeedMahmood Hasan Khan
  18. Pakistan’s Dead CapitalShahid Mahmood
  19. The UntouchablesMahmood Hasan Khan

Managing Editor
Pervez Tahir
Associate Editor
Fizzah Khalid Butt

Nadeem ul Haque

Muhammad Ahsan Zeb