P & R Vol.2 Issue 2
The real status of reform
Publication Year : 2021

The information about the Civil Service Reforms is coming in dribs and drabs from time to time and a complete picture as to what are the main objectives of these reforms interwoven in a holistic picture and how much progress has been made so far, is not available at one place. This article is an attempt to spell out the broad objectives ( Section I) and the progress made so far ( Section II). The agenda for reforms is ambitious by design as it would be implemented over a decade or so to make meaningful impact. But a beginning is to be made. It must be conceded that there are no quick fixes, no abrupt disruption, as the present bureaucracy has to keep running the country while reforming gradually. Why do we need to reform in the first place? The rationale for this plan should be viewed in the context of the prevailing malaise and weaknesses in our governance structure, long term vision of Pakistan, the external environment in which Pakistan will be operating as a country, the lessons learnt from other successful developing countries, the diagnostic studies including public opinion polls about government performance in Pakistan and the growing expectations of the public at large.