Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

CEECC Working Paper

The Sustainable Green Growth Perspective Of Pakistan: In The Context Of Environment Friendly Technologies

Publication Year : 2013
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Policy-Makers Advocate A Fundamental Shift Towards “Green Growth” As The New Qualitatively Different Growth Paradigm. This Paper Illustrates The Green Growth Perspective Of Pakistan To Address The Question Of Achieving Sustainable Green Growth In The Context Of Green/Environmental Technology To Maintain And Restore The Environmental Quality And Ecological Integrity, While Meeting The Needs Of All People With The Lowest Possible Environmental Impacts. Pakistan Needs Both Development And Access To Green Technologies That Will Facilitate The Transition To Less Carbon Intensive Economy To Address The Green Growth. At This Stage It Is Very Important To Understand The Pakistan Existing Level Of Organisations/Institutions To Understand Their Coping Strategies. Therefore, The Primarily Objective Of This Study Is Sustainable Development In The Preamble Of Green Growth/Economy Perspective Of Pakistan. The Focused Area Would Be Intellectual Property Rights (Iprs), Research And Development (R&D), And Environmental Taxations. We Will Survey All The Related Organisations In Pakistan, Which Are Directly Or Indirectly Related To The Green Growth Developmental Agenda Induced By Iprs, R&D, And Environmental Taxation.