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Thinking About Rural Development.—By Arther T. Mosher. New York: Agricultural Development Council, Inc., 1976. xii+pp.350.

Author: Javed Iqbal

This book is essentially a selection of the articles written by Arther T. Mosher during his long career as a rural development expert. Also appended at the end is a complete list of writings by him. The Agricultural Development Council has chosen to publish this book to honour the author, who was its President during 1967-1973, The publication of this book is welcome in the context of the recent rediscovery of rural development as a principal plank of need-oriented development strategies. A basic defect of writing on rural development has been excessive resort to stereotype rehtoric, over-enthusiasm and a certain pedanticism. Fortunately, Mosher’s orientation is practical, not doctrinaire. Although the book is titled “Thinking About Rural Development”, the author keeps on bringing together the thinking and practice into their validly interactive perspectives. Not surprisingly so, for the author has himself worked in the field as a rural development practitioner for a considerable length of time.

Javed Iqbal

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