Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Trends of Income Inequality and Polarisation in Pakistan for the Period 1990-2008

Trends of income inequality and polarisation previously were calculated by Arshad, et al. (2008) in Pakistan for the period of 04 years from 1992-93 to 2001-02, using Gini-coefficient and Bossert and Schworm (2006) measures respectively. Empirical analysis of polarisation has huge importance in the economic policy making. However, polarisation has been less probed, rather un-explored phenomenon. So far only a handful studies have been conducted on this topic and most of the covered western countries with an exception of India. This research area appears to be unexplored in Pakistan, except for a few studies which led to the foundation for the present study.

Muhammad Touseef-Ur-Rehman,

Usman Mustafa,

Humayun Rashid.