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Unclear Economic Thinking
P & R Vol.1 Issue 1
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Unclear Economic Thinking (P & R Vol.1 Issue 1)

Publication Year : 2020
Author: Waqas Younus

Pakistan’s economy remains in crisis, despite bold claims of prosperity by its economic planners. If the thinking behind our economic plans were clear, the nation might not be in constant turmoil. Wellthought- out plans lead not to such turbulence, but rather to prosperity. It makes one wonder whether our economic policies are the result of clear thinking. The Ministry of Finance (MoF) publishes documents that highlight important economic policies. These documents are available online.. Do these documents reflect clear economic thinking? I analyzed two documents by MoF: the “Pakistan Economic Survey 2018-2019 (PES)” and the“Roadmap for Stability and Growth,” both published in 2019. The analysis shows that economic writing published by MoF is not only difficult to understand but also inadequately researched and poorly presented. It is therefore evident that the writing suffers from the lack of clear thought.