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Vice Chancellor’s Message
P & R Vol.1 Issue 1
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Vice Chancellor’s Message (P & R Vol.1 Issue 1)

Publication Year : 2020

Progress is underpinned by robust public policy design. Such a design is developed through excellent research and a healthy debate based on evolving evidence. For this, countries invest in a vigorous research effort. PIDE, with a history of contributions to policy, is well-positioned to develop and lead a network of public policy development. We will work with all stakeholders to broaden and deepen our public policy research and development network. PIDE Policy and Research (P&R) will provide an innovative avenue of learning for researchers, students, policymakers and the populace at large. Our first edition has focussed on the burning issue of how systematic exclusion of the poor in Pakistan is? In this regard, we have put our best efforts to highlight the institutional, legal, socio-economic, educational and geographical apparatuses excluding the poor of their right to access and entitlement. PIDE acknowledges the financial support of the Beaconhouse on facilitating the print production of our latest initiative, this bi-monthly magazine on public policy research, the PIDE P&R. The support by the Beaconhouse gives us confidence that we are not alone in this endeavour. And like us, the Beaconhouse too believes in engaging with partners in the development of public policy research, learning and debate in the country. We look forward to strengthening such collaborations.