What Is Smart About Smart Cities?
Webinars Brief 05:2021
Publication Year : 2021

Smart cities are increasingly popular in the global south as 21st century solutions to the management of urban infrastructures systems, data and information about territories and populations. It has shaped entrepreneurial initiatives and increased competition across cities and nations in mediating urban interventions through technology, leading to top- down and universalized notions of seeing the city from above. This webinar will examine the social and cultural consequences of the smart city particular on gender, social class and spatial justice. It will argue that we need to reimagine the smart city from below as made of critically conscious citizens claiming their right to knowledge through technology. The smart city from below to cultivate right claiming citizens who use the opportunities and innovations of technology and digital space to make cities, nations and global corporations accountable and transparent. The popularity of smart cities is surging particularly in the global south as modern solutions to data and information related to the territories and population, and administration of urban framework. It has formed business dynamism and accelerated competition among cities and countries in considering urban involvements via technology, leading to top-down and global ideas of observing cities from above.

Design and Edited by Hafsa Hina