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Why are We Subsidizing Car-Use?
P & R Vol.2 Issue 4
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Why are We Subsidizing Car-Use? (P & R Vol.2 Issue 4)

Publication Year : 2021

Cities are being built for cars. The trend of walking and biking in Pakistan has now changed. people are now more obsessed with cars that has resulted into huge highways, abundant flyovers and underpasses for signal free corridors that has made biking and walking impossible. All sidewalks are eliminated and there are no bike lanes. One has to climb up 3 floors to cross a road that makes it a tough exercise even for the fittest to use it for walking or biking. Even the public transport is being built on the platforms to make more space for cars. We need mobility in cities without traffic congestion wasting the time and polluting the environment. Mobility is for all and not for cars only. When cities grow, people and their activities crowd into dense neighborhoods and cars hinder mobility. As density increases, space for cars in form of roads and parking is never sufficient. Congestion is being increased as roads and underpasses are expanded as an effort to reduce the traffic flow by making large expenditure of car expenditures.