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Abida Naurin

Research Fellow

About Me 

I am a Research Fellow in the research division of “Energy Research Cell ” at PIDE. I obtained the Ph.D. in Econometrics and the M.Phil. in Econometrics from the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), and I was a visiting research fellow at Cardiff University, UK (2019-2020). I have previously been affiliated with COMSATS University and National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad as a Visiting Lecturer in Economics. My research is in econometric theory and is principally concerned with panel data and time series causal models. My recent articles have been more focused on macroeconomic issues, exploring the causal link between households and government spending on education across different countries.

Area of Interest

Theoretical Econometrics (Econometrics Methods, Structural Equation Modelling,
Asymptotic Theory and Simulations, Quantitative Foundation for Econometrics).
Applied Econometrics (Panel Data Analysis, Time Series Methods, Research Methods,
Forecasting, Financial Econometrics)

MSc Economics, (2012), MPhil Econometrics (2015), PhD Econometrics (2022)

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