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Joint Director/Pro Vice Chancellor

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Area of Specialization:
Health Demography, Class structure, Age structure dynamics


Ph.D. Australian National University (ANU), Canberra,
M.S. Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia,
M.Sc. Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Contribution to PIDE Research

Economic Contribution of Forestry Sector

December 2023

Provincial Transfer Accounts: Generational Economy in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan

December 2023

Making Women’s Work Count in Pakistan: Measuring the Gendered Economy

December 2023

Understanding the Provincial Generational Economy for Improved Policymaking

December 2023

Counting Women’s Unpaid Care Work in Pakistan

December 2023

Identity, Inclusion And Social Capital In Upper And Southern Punjab

November 2023

Social and Civic Engagement: Building Community or “Bowling Alone”? (BASICS Notes)

August 2023

Language Homogamy: An Insight into Marriage and Language in Pakistan

June 2023

A Reflection on Spiritual Beliefs

May 2023

Shaping Minds and Bodies: Do We Have the Facilities?

April 2023

Desire to Live in Pakistan: Stay or Leave? (Basics Notes)

February 2023

Who Do We Think We Are: The Question of Identity! (Basics Notes)

February 2023

Social And Civic Engagement: Building Community Or “Bowling Alone”?

January 2023

Desire to Live in Pakistan: Stay or Leave?

November 2022

Survey revealed Pakistan’s Identity is a multi-layered phenomenon

October 2022

Who Do We Think We Are The Question of Identity!

October 2022

Understanding Social Capital

October 2022

About the PIDE-Basics Survey

October 2022

Parental Tobacco Smoking And Child Malnutrition

September 2022

Parental Smoking And Child Health

September 2022

Is Work Only Meetings? (Article)

Opportunity to Excel: Now and the Future (Presidential Address)

August 2022

The Assumed Shortage of Housing in Pakistan (Policy)

August 2022

Is work only meetings?

June 2022

The Assumed Shortage of Housing in Pakistan

The Assumed Shortage of Housing in Pakistan (PIDE Policy Viewpoint 36:2022)

February 2022

PIDE On Gender

February 2022

Pakistan Opportunity To Excel: Now And The Future (PIDE Monograph)

January 2022

Cash Poor, Perk Rich! Civil Service Compensation: Incentives, Dissatisfaction, And Costs

June 2021

Switch, Reduce, OR Quit: How Do Smokers Respond to Tobacco Tax Increases in Pakistan?

April 2021

The Economic Cost of Tobacco-Induced Diseases in Pakistan

April 2021

VACCINE FOR ALL (P & R Vol.2 Issue 4)

April 2021

Effectiveness of Cash Transfer Programmes for Household Welfare in Pakistan: The Case of the Benazir Income Support Programme (P & R Vol.2 Issue 4)

April 2021

Talk with Experts II

March 2021


March 2021

An ad and a postal stamp! celebrating the world population day

March 2021

Policy-making by Understanding the Generational Economy

January 2021

Cities-Engines of Growth

October 2020


October 2020

Opting for a Smart Lockdown in Pakistan (P & R Vol.1 Issue 1)

September 2020

Unconditional Cash Transfer And Poverty Alleviation In Pakistan Bisp’S Impact On Households’ Socioeconomic Wellbeing

August 2020

An Ad and a Postal Stamp!

July 2020

Understanding smart lockdowns

May 2020

Public Sector Efficiency: Perspectives on Civil Service Reform

April 2020

National Transfer Accounts for PakistanEstimating the Generational Economy for Pakistan

March 2020

Aspirations and Behaviour: Future in the Mindset The Link between Aspiration Failure and the Poverty Trap

January 2020

Higher Tobacco Taxes In Pakistan Could Increase Revenue & Improve Public Healt

April 2018

Economics of Tobacco Taxation and Consumption in Pakistan

January 2018

Tariq Riaz. An Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Poverty of Nations: With Special Reference to Pakistan . (Shorter Notices-2017-4)

November 2017

Nancy Isenberg. White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America. (Shorter Notices-2017-1)

February 2017

Neil Wilcock and Corina Scholz. Hartmut Elsenhans and a Critiqueof Capitalism. Conversations on Theory and Policy Implications. London,U.K.: Palgrave Macmillan, UK. 2016. xii+184 pages. €84.99 (HardBound).

August 2016

Health and Economic Consequences of Overweight and Obesity Among Adults in Pakistan

Prevalence and Determinants of Overweight and Obesity Among Adults in Pakistan

Welfare Impact of the Lady Health Workers Programme in Pakistan

June 2014

Effectiveness of Cash Transfer Programmes for Household Welfare in Pakistan: The Case of the Benazir Income Support Programme (PDR Vol.53 No.2-2014)

June 2014

Pakistan Panel Household Survey: Sample Size and Attrition

June 2014

Welfare Impact of the Health Intervention in Pakistan: The Case of Lady Health Workers Programme

Effectiveness of Cash Transfer Programmes for Household Welfare in Pakistan: The Case of the Benazir Income Support Programme

Pakistan Panel Household Survey Sample Size, Attrition and Socio-demographic Dynamics

Estimating the Middle Class in Pakistan

February 2011

Estimating the Middle Class in Pakistan (PIDE Working Papers 2011: 77)

January 2011

Demographic Dividend or Demographic Threat in Pakistan? (Vol. 47 No.1-2008)

February 2008

Self-reported Symptoms of Reproductive Tract Infections: The Question of Accuracy and Meaning

September 2007

Moneer Alam. Ageing in India: Socio-economic and Health Dimensions. Delhi: Institute of Economic Growth. 288 pages. Indian Rs 695.00.

September 2007

Renew Cities to be the Engine of Growth

September 2007

Malcolm Gladwell. The Tipping Point. London: Brettenham House. 2007. 279 pages. Paperback. £ 6.99

February 2007

First Meeting of the PIDE Committee on Devolution Reforms in Pakistan

February 2007

Renew Cities To Be The Engines Of Growth

February 2007

Demographic Dividend or Demographic Threat in Pakistan (PIDE Working Papers 2006:10)

January 2006

Reproductive Tract Infections among Women in Pakistan: An Urban Case Study

June 2005

Health-seeking Behaviour of Women Reporting Symptoms of Reproductive Tract Infections

February 2005

Harry G. Broadman, James Anderson, Constantijn A. Claessens, Randi Ryterman, Stefka Slavova, Maria Vagliasindi, and Gallina A. Vincelette. Building Market Institutions in South Eastern Europe: Comparative Prospects for Investment and Private Sector Development. (Shorter Notices-2004-3)

September 2004

An Analysis of Reproductive Health Issues in Pakistan

December 2000

Y2K Interruption: Can the Doomsday Scenario Be Averted?

December 1999

Fertility Preferences and Behaviour: A Case Study of Two Villages in the Punjab, Pakistan

January 1999

Gender Dimensions of Demographic Change in Pakistan

December 1998

Towards Linking Four Emerging Paradigms in Economic Theory—Regulationist, Institutionalist, Post-modernist, and Post-development

December 1995

The Appropriateness of a Community-based Programme: A Case-study of the AKRSP in Two Villages of Gilgit District

December 1994

Shorter Notices 2

June 1994

Shorter Notices 1994-2

June 1994

Shorter Notices 1994-1

March 1994

Shorter Notices 1

March 1994

Shorter Notices 1993-3

September 1993

The Rationale of Common Property in the DevelopmentContext

September 1992

Management Arrangements of the Chaprote Forest and theirImplications for Sustainable Development

December 1991