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Henna Ahsan

Research Economist

About Me 

I have worked in areas related to macroeconomic and growth with focus on the role of services sector, food inflation and issues related to water conservation and its impact on Pakistan’s economy. Further I have also worked in poverty domain highlighting multidimensional aspects of poverty, role of ICT and women empowerment in poverty reduction and also role of Islamic banks in poverty alleviation.   Currently I am doing extensive research on Economics of Education with focus on youth employment opportunities, problems regarding over education and earnings potential for educated youth in Pakistan.

Area of Interest

Economics of Education and Unemployment, Development Economics


MPhil in Economics in 2013; PhD in Economics (under progress).

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Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Social Links 

Contribution to PIDE Research

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January 2024

Impact of Education Mismatch on Earnings: Evidence from Pakistan’s Labor Market

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August 2021

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June 2021

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October 2020

Assessing the Covid-19 economic fallout in Pakistan

April 2020

Jocelyn Thorpe, Stephanie Rutherford, and L. Anders Sandberg (cds.). Methodological Challenges in Nature-Culture and Environmental History Research. (Shorter Notices-2018-1)

February 2018

Aminullah Chaudary. Political Administrators: The Story of Civil Service of Pakistan. Oxford University Press, 2011. 371 pages, Rs 895.00.

February 2012

Contribution of Services Sector in the Economy of Pakistan

January 2011

The Determinants of Food Prices: A Case Study of Pakistan

January 2011

Water Resources and Conservation Strategy of Pakistan

December 2007

Harinder S. Kohli (ed.). Growth and Development in Emerging Market Economies: International Private Capital Flows, Financial Markets and Globalisation. New Delhi: Sage Publication 2008. 369 pages. Hardbound. Indian Rs 695.00.

September 2007