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Saba Anwar
Senior Research Economist

About Me 

I have extensive policy oriented research and teaching experience at PIDE. My recent work is more focused on taxation, state owned enterprises, transport, logistics, economics of internet, and impact evaluation. I have received research grants through CPEC Centre of Excellence, Research for Social Transformation and advancement (RASTA) and Pakistan Business Council.
I have been associated with University of Cardiff as visiting research fellow on International Research Support Initiative Program. Courses in Macroeconomics is my linkage with the academia. I have also been associated with South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes (SANEI) and is founding member of CPEC center of Excellence.

Area of Interest

Transport Economics, Impact Evaluation

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Contribution to PIDE Research

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Doing Taxes Better: Simplify, Open and Grow Economy

January 2020

Minhas Majeed Khan, et al. (eds.). China-Pakistan Economic Corridor—A Game Changer. Islamabad, Pakistan: Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI). 2016. iii+164 Pages. Pak Rupees 500.00 (Hardback).

February 2017

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and CPEC: Background, Challenges and Strategies

January 2017

Electricity Demand in Pakistan: A Nonlinear Estimation

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