Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


Competition and Markets - II

Date : June 23, 2020 at 02:00 PM.
Moderator: Dr. Nadeem ul Haq (Vice Chancellor PIDE)
Speaker : Rahat Kaunain Hassan Former Chair CCP, Ikram ul Haque Former member CCP, Shaista Bano Acting Chair, CCP, Maleeha Mimi Bangash (Ex) Founding Member CCP

In this webinar, Dr. Nadeem Ul Haque invited the attention of panelists to the markets, that why our markets are not vibrant? Why are there cement cartels? What are the facts behind sugar, wheat, oil crisis and collusion of Banks? What is wrong with our markets? Do we need a competition commission or deregulation commission? Countries like Australia have productivity commission which deregulates the economy. Similarly, Britain has also deregulated its economy. On the other hand, Pakistan is making new regulatory bodies like the Competition Commission of Pakistan. Is this a sanity? Why is competition still absent in our markets? Why does the government interfere in every sector of the economy? Why do we not leave the market to take care of itself?