Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Pakistan

Date : Octoberober 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM
Moderator: Dr. Nadeem ul Haq (Vice Chancellor PIDE)
Speaker : Yousaf Hussain (Entrepreneur, Angel Invester, Former CEO Ignite), Salman Wasay, Founder Chaye Khana, Monis Rehman, Founder,, Rizwan Buttar, Chief Innovation Officer, ZOUQ, Asif Khan, Owner, Organic Farm, Salman Elahi, (Blind Social Entrepreneur) Chairperson Binae Welfare Foundation

To put the country on the road to prosperity, Pakistan badly needs to grow at a rate of 7-8% per annum for long period. Innovation and Entrepreneurship being the primary drivers of economic growth, the objectives of the webinar are to understand; What makes a good entrepreneur? How a business idea is conceived? Does a business take up the envisaged shape or goes into an un-intended direction? Why businesses typically fail? How to stand up as an entrepreneur after initial failures, if any? How finances for startups are typically arranged? What is state of venture capital in Pakistan? Where to find VCs and Angel investors? Is entry and exit easy – what are the difficulties, if any? What kinds of permissions are required to launch a business? What effort goes into paying taxes? Is it convenient to find business premises (office space, factory space etc.) What kind of restrictive regulations, if any, the entrepreneurs have to face? Why startups are primarily focused on tech-entrepreneurship? Why startups do not take up agricultural entrepreneurship? Why small firms do not grow big? What is the state of protecting Intellectual property and other property rights? What is the state of contract enforcement How incubation centers are contributing to growth of entrepreneurship? Is the value created worth the money invested therein? Why innovation is constrained in Pakistan