Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


Exchange Rate Management of Pakistan: Past, Present and Future

Date : December 21, 2020 at 7:00 PM
Moderator: Dr. Nadeem ul Haq (Vice Chancellor PIDE)
Speaker : Riaz Riazuddin

The external sector plays a vital role in the long-run pattern of any country’s macro economy-especially in developing countries. The absence of an external sector can put developing countries in the vicious circle of developing status. While the presence of it advocates for the assessment, “how good we are doing compared to the competing economies”. The exchange rate parity is considered as a reflection of this relative performance. Therefore, the understanding of history and exchange rate management is very vital. Therefore, the discussion on the overvalued exchange rate and the undervalued exchange rate is one of the heated topics in Asia countries. In this backdrop, this webinar will be an attempt to serve three essential objectives: First, a brief history of exchange rate management in Pakistan Second, to assess the exchange rate performance and its impact on the economic activities of Pakistan. Third, what is the way forward keeping the present scenario of the economy of Pakistan in view.