Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Prime Minister's Construction Package

Date : April 09, 2020 at 11:00 am

Defining the construction industry, the panelists agreed on the broader definition of construction that recently assumed in media and policy circles. The construction industry, as per participants, must include the simultaneous planning of non-constructed amenities including having public spaces. Dr. Noman Ahmad, an academic urban planner from Karachi, noted that the package clearly lacked the ideas about geographic spread as a result of construction. He further warned against the auxiliary concentration in 10 large cities having more than 54 percent of the urban population of the country. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh Pasha of Bismillah Group welcomed the announcement with careful anecdote that the package is a ‘time bomb’, and most projects shall not be completed in the discounted time by 2022. He also emphasised the need of installing loan packages by financial institutions for daily-wage workers of industry through their contractors as custodians.