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The Challenge Of Eurocentrism: A Round Table Conversation

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Patron: Nadeem Ul Haque, Vice Chancellor, PIDE

Date : Saturday, May 27, 2023 at 07:30 PM PST
Discussant :

Asad Zaman, Economist, Ex-Vice Chancellor, PIDE, Pakistan (Co-Chair)
Fatima Sajjad, Director, Centre for Critical Peace Studies, University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
Roslyn Fuller, Managing Director of the Solonian Democracy Institute
Rajani Kanth, Professor, Economist, Philosopher and Social Thinker (Co-Chair)
Sandew Hira, Author, Activist, Decolonial Thinker
Tung-Yi Kho, Research Fellow, Centre for Cultural and Research Development Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China
William Darity, Jr, Professor of Economics, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA

The Challenge of Eurocentrism:  A Round Table Conversation

                                        Saturday, May 27th,  Virtual Zoom Session

                                        Commencing 7.30 PM Pakistan Time

                                        Hosted by The Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

THEME:       We have lived, globally , in a Eurocentric world, governed by the presuppositions of European Modernism. It may be time we examined the merits of this legacy.

PATRON:          Nadeem Haque, VC:

Co-ordinator:      Nabeel Anwar Deputy Registrar 

Discussants :

Asad Zaman: (Co-Chair)

Fatima sajjad:

Roslyn Fuller: 

Rajani Kanth: (Co-Chair)

Sandew Hira:,

Tung-Yi Kho:

William Darity, Jr. :

The Challenge Of Eurocentrism: A Round Table Conversation