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The PIDE & IRS Joint Roundtable Discussion: The Impact of Contemporary Geopolitical Environment on South Asia's Economy

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Venue: AR Kemal Conference Room PIDE, Islamabad

Date : Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at 11:00 AM

Nadeem Ul Haque, Vice Chancellor, PIDE
Nadeem Riyaz, President, Institute of Regional Studies

Concept Note 

RoundTable on “The impact of contemporary geopolitical environment on South Asia’s Economy” 


Date: 22nd February, 2023

Time: 1100 AM

Venue: PIDE


The South Asian region is one of the most populous and diverse regions of the world, with about one-fourth of the world’s population. The region’s economy has experienced tremendous growth in recent decades, driven by the rapid expansion of its population, rapid urbanization, and the emergence of its population as a global consumer base. However, the South Asian region is also subject to a number of geopolitical challenges, which have an impact on its economic growth. It has experienced numerous conflicts and tensions between states which have had a negative impact on its economic growth, as well as on the security of the region.


In addition, the region is also subject to external pressures from major powers, such as the United States, China and Russia, which have a direct impact on the region’s economic and political stability. Similarly, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war also had a major impact on the geopolitical situation in region and beyond.  Such geopolitical tensions in the region have a direct impact on the security of investments, as well as on the ability of South Asian states to attract and retain foreign investment. Thus, the Institute of Regional Studies in collaboration with PIDE wishes to organize a RoundTable on this very important subject.



The objective of this RoundTable is to analyze the impact of contemporary geopolitical environment on South Asia’s economy, and to explore potential ways to address the challenges. It will further focus on what options does Pakistan have to avoid this economic fallout and what probable ways can be adopted to address these challenges in order to promote economic growth and development in the region as a whole.


This roundtable will be a focused group discussion among various experts. The speakers will present their viewpoints with well-researched data, followed by analysis and way forward that would be utilized as a policy document.

*Experts to take part in focused group discussion on the Subject:


  1. Dr. Nadeem-ul-Haque
  2. Amb. Nadeem Riyaaz
  3. Saddam Hussein
  4. Shaaf Najeeb
  5. Afia Malik
  6. Dr. Usman Chohan