Growth Amidst Debt?

Flat vector illustration. Financial crisis. Bank liabilities, risk of bankruptcy. People are hostages of financial instability, an attempt to prevent bankruptcy, without the desirability of being unable to fulfill bank obligations

Muhammad Shaaf Najib shares a peek at the debt situation in the new budget. While the nominal figures may represent an increase in debt, a closer look shows that debt servicing costs are going down, while other indicators are also moving in a favorable direction. There is still a lot to improve on the debt front, but the initial signs of improvement are present and visible.

Debt is a Problem for Us, Growth is the Solution

M. Ali Kemal suggests that growth is the key to most of our problems, whether it is related to controlling unemployment, tackling inflation, increasing revenues, decreasing poverty and inequality or repayments and maintaining debt at some sustainable level. The government would be well advised to ease permission economy and deregulate to allow high growth.

Foreign Aid or Export-Led Growth?

By Mr. Gohar Ejaz Current Debt Snapshot Pakistan’s total public debt rose to Rs36.3 trillion, which is equivalent to 87 per cent of the GDP, by the end of the previous fiscal year, and is anticipated to continue on a steep upward trajectory. It is evident that in spite of the large amounts coming in,…… Continue reading Foreign Aid or Export-Led Growth?

CPEC and Pakistan’s Debt Burden

by Dr. Talat Anwar CPEC mega project worth USD 62 billion is considered to be a game changer for Pakistan. The progress of CPEC has, however, been affected in the wake of economic crisis since 2018. There have been reservations among international donors that CPEC loans have resulted in enormous imports of Chinese equipment and…… Continue reading CPEC and Pakistan’s Debt Burden