Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Address by Shahid Malik High Commissioner of Pakistan in India

Author: Shahid Malik

President PHD Chamber, Mr Sanjay Bhatia, Distinguished Members of the Chamber, Ladies and Gentlemen. It gives me immense pleasure to be amongst you once again, after nearly a decade. Having served on an assignment in Delhi in the past, the PHD Chamber and many of your senior members present here today are well known to me. Given the geographical contiguity of this area with Pakistan and a history of economic linkages, the interest of the Chamber in seeking mutually beneficial economic relations with Pakistan is well known and understandable. Only last month, a delegation headed by Mr Bhatia, with past PHD Presidents as its members, undertook a tour of EXPO-2007 to Karachi. As on various occasions in the past, the Chamber also hosted a high level delegation from the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently. Such contacts are useful and need to be encouraged.

Shahid Malik