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Ismail Sirageldin (ed.). Research in Human Capital land Development. Vol. 1. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press Inc. 1979. pp. xiii + 258.

Research in Human Capital land Development (RHCD) is a “Research Annual” which aims at investigating “the relationship between the development and utilization of human capital and the process of economic and social change” (p. vii). This series will consist of interdisciplinary studies which are typically longer than a journal article and shorter than a monograph and will be specifically addressed to “fertility, health, education and manpower, migration and the triangle of equity, distribution and efficiency” (p. vii). Edited by Professor Ismail Sirageldin, this first volume of RHCD has touched on most of these areas. Part I of this volume has three articles under the heading “Health and Fertility”. Part II contains five articles under the title “Education and Manpower” and Part III has only one article on “Distribution and Equity”

A. Razzaque Rukanuddin

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