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Length of Working Age of Males in Pakistan: 1973

The objective of this paper is to provide some estimates of the length of working life for males in Pakistan, using the more recently available data. The length of working life is defined as the average length of time for which a cohort can expect to remain in the labour force i.e. either actively employed or seeking employment. This measure is, determined by the levels of age-specific mortality of a hypothetical cohort and its levels of age-specific labour force participation. Therefore an improvement in mortality would tend to increase the length of economically active life and its deterioration would tend to shorten it. Other factors which influence the age-specific labour force participation and age-specific mortality rates are the indirect determinants of this measure. For example, improvements in health and medical facilities may reduce the incidence of premature retirements caused by physical ailments or disorders. Also, migration, nuptiality, fertility and school attendance rates may influence labour force participation rates and thereby affect the length of working life.

Zeba A. Sathar

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