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Private Tubewell Numbers in Pakistan: A Synthesis

One of the foremost examples of development through private entrepreneurship is the case of farmer investment in tubewells in Pakistan and the supply industries which have arisen to provide tubewell components and installations. The phenomenon has been frequently studied, in some cases before regular statistical series of tubewell numbers emerged. As a result several independent estimates are available, largely derived from surveys, which are not wholly consistent with each other. Some series include only private tubewells, some combine private and government tubewells into one inseparable figure while others do not specify. Some data reflect a December thirty-first situation while others represent June thirtieth. Varying survey techniques have been used. Quantitative analysis of this facet of Pakistan’s development is impeded by these problems. This note seeks a synthesis; to provide an internally consistent time series which is at once as reliable and as long as possible.

Jerry B. Eckert

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