Tax, Expenditures and Debt: Trica of Budget ChallangesP&R Volume 2, Issue 6

P & R Vol.2 Issue 6
Publication Year : 2021
  • Budget Components
  • Interview: Shaukat Tareen
  • Cover Story: Interview With Muhammad Jahanzaib
  • Interview: Dr. Waqar Masood Khan
  • Tax Policy Design And Reform Options
  • Why People Don’t Pay Taxes
  • Interview: Hafeez Pasha
  • Interview: Dr. Asad Sayeed
  • Agriculture Tax: Route To Evasion In Non-Agri Income
  • Tax Cheating
  • Respect To Taxpayers
  • Historical Trends In Expenditure
  • PSDP: Challenges And Reforms
  • PSDP: A Political Phenomenon
  • Flattening the Government Pensions Curve; Making them Sustainable Debt in Pakistan:
  • Sustainable or Not?
  • Debt is a Problem for Us, Growth is the Solution
  • National Finance Commission Awards in Pakistan: It’s Time for a Revisit Webinar:
  • Federal Budget 2021-2022
  • Book Review