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Iftikhar Ahmad

Associate Professor

About Me 

About Myself:

My main area of research is the public policy, public economics, local governance, fiscal federalism, SEZs and environmental valuation. Being placed at Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) since 2007, I have good exposure to important policy debates. My main responsibilities at PIDE includes steering innovative research, writing reports and conducting analytical studies. Moreover, I teach and supervise at postgraduate level. While serving as Executive Director, Centre of Excellence-CPEC and as Head, PIDE School of Public Policy, I was exposed to a number of administrative matters, which refined my organizational and team building qualities

Area of Interest:
Public policy, public economics, local governance, fiscal federalism, SEZs and environmental valuation


Ph D. University of Kent, United Kingdom
MPhil. University of Peshawar, Pakistan
MA. University of Peshawar, Pakistan

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