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Mahmood Khalid

Mahmood Khalid

Senior Research Economist/Executive Director (CE-CPEC)

About Me 

Area of Specialization:
Fiscal Policy, Microeconomics


Ph.D.(in prog) Pakistan Institute of Development Economics,
M.Phil., Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad,
M.Sc., Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad,

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Contribution to PIDE Research

Fiscal Management in Pakistan: The Way Forward

January 2024

Reforming the Federal Public Sector Development Programme

August 2023

Fiscally Sustainable Pensions in Pakistan

August 2023

Public Finance Management Reforms In Pakistan: A Case Study Of The Treasury Single Account Regimen

August 2023

A Critical Appraisal of Tax Expenditures in Pakistan

January 2022

Raising Revenues: Conditionality Meeting vs. Doing Taxes Better Approach

December 2021

Prices Matter! Inflation forecasts for Pakistan

November 2021

Fiscal Federalism in Pakistan: Need for a Revisit

November 2021

The Pension Bomb and Possible Solutions (Policy)

September 2021

Pending Pakistan’s Revised Base Estimates of GDP and Measurement Issues in LSM

June 2021

BUDGET 2021-22: Highlights and Commentary

June 2021

Tax Policy Design And Reform Options

Flattening the Government Pensions Curve; Making them Sustainable

Webinar: Federal Budget 2021-2022

How To Make Pensions Sustainable?

January 2021

Tax Policies for Growth (P & R Vol.1 Issue 3)

December 2020

Tax Structure in Pakistan: Fragmented, Exploitative and Anti-growth

November 2020

The Pension Bomb And Possible Solutions

November 2020

Flattening the Curve; Pensions This Time!

September 2020

Potential for Economic Cooperation with Afghanistan: Proximity Geo-Economic Nexus (P & R Vol.1 Issue 1)

September 2020

Tax Policies for Growth (Blog)

March 2020

Covid-19 and Pakistan’s Economy Recovery Scenarios for Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021

February 2020

Potential for Economic Cooperation with Afghanistan: Proximity Geo-Economic Nexus (Blog)

December 2019

Sources to Finance Fiscal Deficit and Their Impact on Inflation: A Case Study of Pakistan

March 2019

Food Insecurity in Pakistan: A Region-Wise Analysis of Trends

September 2018

Higher Tobacco Taxes In Pakistan Could Increase Revenue & Improve Public Healt

April 2018

Economics of Tobacco Taxation and Consumption in Pakistan

January 2018

Marginality, Social Exclusion, Labour Force Participation and Urban Poverty: A Case Study of Lahore, Pakistan

November 2016

From Fiscal Decentralisation to Economic Growt The Role ofComplementary Institutions

November 2016

Health and Economic Consequences of Overweight and Obesity Among Adults in Pakistan

Prevalence and Determinants of Overweight and Obesity Among Adults in Pakistan

Harold Demsetz. From Economic Man to Economic System: Essays on Human Behaviour and Institutions of Capitalism. New York, USA. 2011. 198 pages. U.S. $ 39.99

June 2015

Employment Strategy and Equitable Growth: A Social Capital Perspective for KPK

March 2015

Fiscal Responsibility: A Critical Analysis of FRDL (2005) Pakistan

December 2012

Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting Technology and Women Time Allocation in District Bagh and Battagram Pakistan.

December 2011

The Cost of Unserved Energy: Evidence from Selected Industrial Cities of Pakistan

January 2011

The Relationship between Federal Government Revenues and Expenditures in Pakistan

December 2010

Guillermo E. Perry, Luis Servén, and Rodrigo Suescún (eds.). Fiscal Policy, Stabilisation, and Growth: Prudence or Abstinence? Washington, D.C: The World Bank. 2008. Paperback. 329 Pages. Price not Given.

February 2010

Working to Improve Price Indices Development in Pakistan

January 2010

Consumer Satisfaction in Social Security Hospital: A Case Study of Punjab Employees Social Security Institution Hospital, Rawalpindi.

December 2009

The Cost of Unserved Energy: Evidence from Selected Industrial Cities of Pakistan (Article)

September 2008

Biases in Consumer Price Index Methodology in Pakistan: Suggestions for Improvements (Article)

September 2008

The Fiscal Reaction Function and the Transmission Mechanism for Pakistan

December 2007

Convergence Model of Governance: A Case Study of the Local Government System of Pakistan

December 2007

Incompatibility of Laws and Natural Resources: A Case Study of Land Revenue Laws and Their Implications in Federal Areas of Pakistan

December 2007

National Finance Commission Awards in Pakistan: A Historical Perspective 

January 2007

Saving-investment Behaviour in Pakistan: An Empirical Investigation

December 2004

Study of Philanthropic Behaviour in Divine Economics Framework

December 2004