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Saman Nazir

Senior Research Economist

About Me 

Saman Nazir completed her Ph.D. at the University of North Texas in 2019. Her dissertation focused on the rising rates of cesarean section delivery and the paradox of non-exclusive breastfeeding in Pakistan. Her research interests lie in Medical Sociology, Public Health, Stratification, Social Organization, and Gender and Sexuality. She has presented her research at prestigious conferences, including American Sociological Association, Mid-South Sociological Association USA, and Southwestern Social Science Association USA.

Area of Interest

Medical Sociology, Public Health, Demography, Stratification, Social Organization, and Gender and Sexuality

Area of Specialization:
Medical Sociology, Stratification


PhD (2019)
Ph.D. University of North Texas, USA.
M.Sc. Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Pakistan.

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