Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


Blue Ocean Strategy for National Development

Date : Tuesday, Aug 03, 2021 at 02:00 PM
Moderator: Nadeem ul Haque, VC, PIDE
Presenter: Syed Faraz Mujtaba is CEO of Damson Group, the world's largest Blue Ocean Strategy consulting company operating in 40 Countries & States on all 6 Continents. Faraz is a senior Blue Ocean Strategy consultant. Prior to founding Damson Group, he has worked with Microsoft, Gartner, World Com, eBay and Fonterra at senior consulting positions in Germany, UAE and New Zealand.

Blue Ocean Strategy
Blue Ocean Strategy is the world's No. 1 management strategy and the two founders of Blue Ocean Strategy rank No. 1 at Thinkers50. Contrary to conventional business logic of competition, Blue Ocean Strategy focuses on making the competition irrelevant by creating uncontested market-space, while increasing value and lowering costs. In addition to its acclaimed corporate success since it's inception in 2005, Blue Ocean Strategy has also been apoted by 24 Countries and States as their National Development Plan.