Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

PIDE-World Bank Seminar on Female Labor Force Participation
Date : Thursday, March 31, 2022 16:00
Moderator: Dr. Durre Nayab (Director Research, PIDE)

Uzma Quresh
16.00 – 16.05

Female Labor Force Participation in Quetta, Pakistan
Moritz Meyer and Paola Buitrago Hernandez
16.05 – 16.20

Female Labor Force Participation and Sexual Harassment in Public Spaces in Quetta, Pakistan
Maria Beatriz Orlando and Saleha Waqar
16.20 – 16.35

Policy-malleable factors affecting women’s labor force participation in Pakistan: A review
Veronica Michel Gutierrez and Zehra Aslam
16.35 – 16.50

Open Discussion
16.50 – 17.30