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Azizur Rahman Khan and Rehman Sobhan (eds). Trade, Planning andRural Development: Essays in Honour of Nurul Islam. (UK): MacmillanPress Hardbound. 236 pp.

This edited volume of essays by colleagues and admirers waspublished to celebrate the 60th birthday of Professor Nurul Islam. Thethree broad themes covered by these essays were chosen to reflect thethree major periods in the professional life of this noted economist asthe emphasis of his work shifted from trade to planning and then toissues of rural development. Of course, these three areas do notcomprehensively cover the prolific and diverse contributions made byProfessor Islam but are indicative of the progression of hisprofessional life. There are fourteen essays in this book: five on tradeand aid; three on planning and development; and five on ruraldevelopment. The fourteenth essay in lieu of a conclusion is categorisedas “a personal reminiscence” by Sir Austin Robinson.

Sohail J. Malik

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