Including The ExcludedP&R Volume 2, Issue 4

P & R Vol.2 Issue 4
Publication Year : 2021
  1. Ehsaas – Creating Impact in the Lives of the Most Vulnerable
  2. Protect the people first
  3. Interview with Kaisar Bengali
  4. Interview with Haris Gazdar
  5. National Poverty Estimates 2018
  6. Let’s Have a New Discussion on Poverty Estimates
  7. Poverty across the Agro-Ecological Zones in Rural Pakistan
  8. Rural Poverty Dynamics in Pakistan: Evidence from Three Waves of the Panel Survey
  9. Reducing Poverty through Microfinance
  10. Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Wheat and Inflation
  11. Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Wheat and Inflation
  12. Street Vendors in Islamabad – Voice from the Ground
  13. Why are We Subsidizing Car-Use?
  14. Promoting Domestic Commerce for Sustainable Pro-poor Growth
  15. Social distancing and protection
  16. Students Dilemma in Private Hostels in Islamabad
  17. Interview with Qazi Azmat Isa
  18. Interview with Beenish Fatima
  19. Interview with Shazia Maqsood
  20. Poverty and Social Safety Nets: A Case Study of Pakistan
  21. Targeting Efficiency of Poverty Reduction Programs in Pakistan
  22. Vaccines for all
  23. Effectiveness of Cash Transfer Programmes for Household Welfare in Pakistan: The
  24. Case of the Benazir Income Support Programme
  25. Bond market primer