Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol.2 Issue 4
Interview with Qazi Azmat Isa
Publication Year : 2021

Pakistan Poverty Alleviation fund (PPAF) provides cross-cutting research on poverty. What is your take on poverty that is PPAF’s narrative, as well? Research is fundamental to how PPAF works; our research function identifies direction, allows us to ensure that we remain the true path, and as required to recalibrate. Over time we have a body of cross-cutting research that has allowed us to refine our focus, our prioritized regions and programmatic components that will have the greatest impact in eliminating poverty. I strongly believe that in Pakistan, there is no shortage of theories of poverty alleviation or even resources, which if targeted correctly could improve the lives of the millions who live in poverty. The real limitation is in our understanding of poverty. Since we started working to alleviate poverty, the measure of poverty has changed from basic income poverty to a multidimensional index. The real issue, I feel, is a poverty of the mind that, above all, derails Pakistan’s attempt at understanding poverty, let alone alleviating it.