PIDE P&R Volume 1, Issue 1- A Guide to Policy and Research

P & R Vol.1 Issue 1
Publication Year : 2020
  1. Vice Chancellor Message
  2. Message From Editor
  3. Excluding The Poor
  4. The Encroachment Debacle In Pakistan
  5. Why Not Khokhas Everywhere
  6. Islamabad A City For The Rich
  7. The Yardstick Of What School Do You Attend
  8. Where Are The Opportunities For The Poor
  9. Hiring Practices Of Fast Food Franchises In Islamabad
  10. Protecting The Internal Migrant Workers
  11. Opting For A Smart Lockdown In Pakistan
  12. Working From Home In A Smart Lockdown
  13. Covid 19 And Remittances
  14. Explaining The Ro In The Covid 19 Projections
  15. The Fog Of War
  16. Assessing The Economics Of Pandemic
  17. Khandaq Strategy And Implementation Plan
  18. How Critical Is Civil Society In The Covid 19 Control
  19. Pakistan Stock Exchange And The Covid 19 Outbreak
  20. Appreciating The Unsung Heroes
  21. The Dash For Dollars
  22. Covid 19 And The Immunity Pardon
  23. Public Policy And Economic Growth In Pakistan
  24. Unclear Economic Thinking
  25. FATF A Challenge For Pakistan
  26. Potential For Economic Cooperation With Afghanistan
  27. High Population Growth In Pakistan
  28. Seminars Pide
  29. PIDE At Think Fest