Library Collections

General Collection

This is the main collection containing high quality selected books. This collection is organized according to Dewey’s Decimal Classification Scheme and shelved subjectwise according to the call numbers (000-999) pasted on the spine of each item.

Reference Collection

A good number of current reference sources are available on reference shelves. Dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias, handbooks, yearbooks, manuals, bibliographies, etc. are distinct feature of this collection. The reference books can only be consulted within the Library.

Government Documents

The Library acquires Government of Pakistan documents including statistics, annuals and five year plans, budget, census reports and other publications. Documents in this collection are shelved separately under the head of Public Documents.

Research Documents

In order to fulfill the intensive research needs of library users, the library acquires research papers, studies and reports of various national and international organizations like, Applied Economic Research Centre, LUMS, ADB, IMF, ILO, IDRC, World Bank, etc. Most of research documents are received through Exchange Programme.

Depository Collection

The Library is a Depository for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and International Labor Office (ILO). These publications mostly contain world data, demographic statistics, economic trends and research projects.

PIDE Publications

We are housing PIDE faculty, students and researchers output e.g. MBA projects, MS thesis, Ph.D, dissertations, and the publications of PIDE in separate location,

Journal Collection

The Library has been acquiring 30 journals on Subscription and about 110 journals through Exchange programme against the PIDE’s Quarterly (Pakistan Development Review). A complete list of journals is available at the reference desk. The current issues of the periodicals are displayed on special shelves in the main reading area. Back volumes of these periodicals are bound and shelved separately.

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