SOPs for Thesis Submission and Similarity Index Check through Turnitin

  1. Application for internal review of thesis must be submitted by the student to the Department. 
  2. Internal review (of thesis) by the Department Council would be done within 15 days of submission of thesis by students 
  1. Soft copy of Thesis/Research paper would be sent by the Department Coordinator on the following Email Id: [email protected] to QEC after ensuring that the comments/changes suggested by the Department Council have been incorporated in the thesis by the student.
  2. Research Paper must not have undergone any similarity index through Turnitin beforehand. In case it has already undergone a check, reference ID must be mentioned on the QEC Proforma
  3. Plagiarism will be accepted with similarity index at maximum 19% 
  1. In case of high Similarity Index (>19%) soft copy of Turnitin Report shall be sent to the Department Coordinator and student concerned 
  1. In case of high Similarity Index (>19%) research paper/thesis shall be resubmitted to QEC (only soft copy) after necessary amendments for plagiarism for maximum three times within ten days. 
  1. In case of Similarity Index falling within range (<19%), soft and hard copy shall be sent to the following:
    1. Department Coordinator
    2. Student concerned 
  1. Hard copy would be submitted by the Department within  7 days (of submission of Turnitin report to the Department) to Ms. Fareena Iqbal, Deputy Director, QEC or Mr. Ejaz Ahmad, Assistant Director, QEC,QEC shall not be responsible for any copy hard/soft submitted to any other personnel in QEC or any other office of PIDE. 
  1. Request for external examiner proforma to be filled at this stage by the student and submitted to department (within 3 days) to be completed by the department and submitted to Dean’s office (within 7 days).
  2. Hard copy of thesis will have following documents attached with it: QEC Proforma, defense application proforma, Turnitin report by QEC. 
  1. 1 copy of thesis will be sent to Controller of Examination Office for external examiner (by the Department) 
  1. Controller Examination will send thesis to external examiner. 
  1. Two weeks (maximum 3 weeks) will be given for evaluation of thesis by external and internal examiner. 
  1. Date for viva voce examination must be decided with the mutual consent of examiner, supervisor and student, by the respective Department. 
  1. Via voce examination will be conducted in the presence of HoD, supervisor and internal/external examiners and coordinator. 
  1. Result proforma for the viva voce examination will be designed /provided by exam office.

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