The Publications Division is responsible for all publishing undertaken by PIDE in the form of books, journals and research reports, as well as miscellaneous publications for the programs and conferences of the Pakistan Society of Development Economists, the training courses and the seminars.
The Division brings out The Pakistan Development Review Tri-Annual, PIDE Tidings occasionally and books, monographs and research reports from time to time. Manuscripts submitted to the journal or the monograph series are accepted on the basis of rigorous internal screening and external refereeing and then edited to the highest scholarly standards for a world audience. Besides large circulation among academic and policy-making communities, the publications are also partially or fully available through several international electronic scanning and delivery systems and they are indexed regularly by major works of reference. Increasing subscription sometimes affects the exchange agreements, which are also in demand both for specific titles and contents pages advertisements. Joint publishing projects have included collaborative arrangements with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Germany/Pakistan), Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (India), East-West Center (Honolulu) and International Center for Economic Growth (San Francisco).

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Our wares are numerous and many in kind, consisting of writings in Economics and other social sciences by specialists in Pakistan and abroad. Some details are given below.

  • The Pakistan Development Review, an international journal of research in social science fields, top-rated by the Higher Education Commission.
  • Notes For Contributors
  • Index to The PDR from Vol. 1 (1961) to Vol. 45 (2006)
  • Essays in Islamic Economic Philosophy
  • Books
  • Lectures in Development Economics
  • Statistical Papers Series
  • Reprint Series in Pakistan Economics
  • Monographs
  • Research reports
  • Project Reports: Studies in Population, Labor Force and Migration (Project Reports)
  • MIMAP Technical Paper Series Micro Impact of macroeconomic Adjustment Policies(MIMAP)
  • PIDE Working Papers.


    • Child Labor Bibliography
  • Cumulative Index of The Pakistan Development Review Vol. I (1961) — Vol.32 (1993)
    Compiled by Khwaja Mahmood and M. Aziz Khan
  • Devindex–Pakistan (1976)
    by A. H. Siddiqui
  • Devindex–Pakistan (1977 – 78)
    by A. H. Siddiqui
  • A Social Accounting Matrix 1979-80 of Pakistan (1985)
    Vol. 1: Estimation and Analysis
    Vol. 2: Annexes: Methodology and Computations
  • Structure of Protection, Efficiency and Profitability (Vol I, II, III and Executive Summary) by A. R. Kemal, Zafar Mehmood and Ather Maqsood Ahmed
  • The Implications of the Uruguay Round for Pakistan
    by Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi et al.
  • Case Study on the Economic Valuation of the Salinisation and Water logging as a Result of Inappropriate Irrigation in Pakistan
    by A. R. Kemal et al.
  • Macroeconomics of Pakistan’s Economy
    by A. R. Kemal et al.


  • Research Program of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics 1979-82
  • PIDE’s Research Program (An Essay in Academic Management)
    by Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi (1990)
  • PIDE’s Research Program for 1993-96,
    edited by Syed Nawab Haider Naqvi, Mian M. Nazeer and A. R. Kemal
  • Research at PIDE 2002-2003

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