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Student's Questionnaire & Data

Analysis of Ecological Footprint of Rural-Urban Households in Islamabad
Usman Ali Khan

Vulnerability and Adaptability Assessment to Climatic Stress: A Case Study of District Swat
Sundus Ishfaq

Economic and Environmental Impacts of Zoning in Islamabad
Shazia Khan

Recreational Value and Willingness to Pay for Tourist Site: Evidence from Kalam District Swat

Role and Loss of Biodiversity: Implications for Local Community of Hangu District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Fatima Athar

Hotel Industry and Environmental Laws: A Case Study of Selected Restaurants in Islamabad
Asma Javed

Awareness and Demand for Better Environment via improved Solid Waste Management
Amjad Khan Questionnaire

The Role of Environmental Amenities in Determining Housing Prices, a Hedonic Price Analysis
Atif Naeem Khan Questionnaire

Tourism Have Economic and Environmental Costs. Evidences from District Abbottabad
Ayesha Shujahi Questionnaire

Impact of Leather Tanneries on HH health and WTP for improved Ground Water Quality in Sialkot, Pakistan
Hassam Shahid Questionnaire

Households Coping Mechanisms, Against Electricity Shortfall
Kausar Abbas Questionnaire

Economic and Environmental Perspectives of Micro Hydro Power: A Case Study of District Dir (Upper) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)
Muhammad Umar Questionnaire

Willingness to Pay For Environmental Quality Improvement in Kallar Kahar Tehsil of Pakistan.
Muhammad Zeeshan Questionnaire

Impact of weather shocks on farm income
Sadia Hanif Questionnaire

Socio economic and environmental factors affecting house pricing in Islamabad.
Sagira Kiran Questionnaire

Socio-Economic and Environmental Factors Affecting Health in District Bhimber (AJK)
Salma Kausar Questionnaire

Electricity as an Alternative to Fuel Wood and Its Impact on Deforestation
Syed Saleem Ali Shah Questionnaire

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