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MPhil Econometrics

Academic Program (MPhil Econometrics)

Total Credit Hours: 39
Course Work: 27
Thesis: 12
Duration: 2 Years 
Total Courses: 9
Core Courses: 7 (First Semester: 3, Second Semester: 3, Third Semester, 1) 
Elective Courses: 2 (First Semester: 1, Second Semester: 1) 

Note: A student will qualify for thesis if he/she attains minimum 3 CGPA in course work after completion of 2nd semester (excluding Research Methodology).

Program Structure Semester Wise
1st Semester (Fall)2nd Semester (Spring)3rd Semester (Fall)4th Semester (Spring)
ETS-620 Quantitative Foundation for Econometrics (3 credit hours)ETS-610 Macroeconomic Theory (3 credit hours)ETS-615 Research Methodology (3-credit)Thesis (6 credit hours)
ETS-640 Econometric Methods (3 credit hours)ETS-638 Data Visualization (3 credit hours)
ETS-600 Microeconomic Theory (3 credit hours)ETS-770 Applied Econometrics (3 credit hours)Thesis (6 credit hours)
Elective I (3 credit hours)Elective II 3 credit hours
12 Credits12 Credits9 Credits6 Credits
Course list for PhD/MPhil
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursCourse Type for PhDCourse Type for MPhil
ETS 600Microeconomic Theory3DeficiencyCore
ETS 610Macroeconomic Theory3DeficiencyCore
ETS 620Quantitative Foundation for Econometrics3DeficiencyCore
ETS 640Econometric Methods3DeficiencyCore
ETS 770Applied Econometrics3DeficiencyCore
ETS 638Data Visualization3DeficiencyCore
ETS-771Topics in Advanced Econometrics3Core-
ETS 840Micro Econometrics3Core-
ETS 845Macro Econometrics3Core-
ETS-615Research Methodology3-Core
ETS 622Sampling Design and Analysis3OptionalOptional
ETS 624Numerical Analysis and Stochastic Simulations3OptionalOptional
ETS 626Advanced Probability Theory3OptionalOptional
ETS 630Advanced Statistical Inference3OptionalOptional
ETS 634Big Data Analysis3OptionalOptional
ETS 635Asymptotic Theory &Simulations3OptionalOptional
ETS 643Forecasting Methodology3Optional-
ETS 641Time Series Analysis3OptionalOptional
ETS 745Agent Based Modeling3OptionalOptional
ETS 800Panel Data Econometrics3OptionalOptional
ETS 810Financial Econometrics3OptionalOptional
ETS 820Spatial Econometrics3OptionalOptional
ETS 830Non-parametric and Semi Parametric Econometrics3OptionalOptional
ETS 835Bayesian Econometrics3OptionalOptional
ETS 850Multivariate Analysis3OptionalOptional
ETS 870Static and Dynamic Optimization3OptionalOptional
ETS 880Operations Research3OptionalOptional
ETS 890Structural Equation Modeling3OptionalOptional
ETS 855Elements of Statistical Learning3Optional-
ETS 722Financial Economics3OptionalOptional

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