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Title Student - Author Supervisor - Co-supervisors
Eco-labeling, Sustainability and Trade: Evidence From PakistanNaveed HayatDr. Anwar Hussain, Dr. Heman Das Lohano
Adaptive Capacity, Adaptation to Climate Change and Farm Productivity: Evidence from PakistanAisha SiddiquaDr. Munir Ahmad, Dr.Sajid Amin Javed
Three Essays on Monetary Policy in PakistanTasneem AlamDr. Mazhar Iqbal
Essays on Investment Behavior in PakistanAhsan AbbasDr. Eatzaz Ahmad, Dr. Fazal Husain
Sacrifice Ratio and Inflation Forecasting: A Case Study of Pakistan.Zobia BhattiDr. Abdul Qayyum
Climate Change, Farm Efficiency and Food Security in Punjab, Pakistan: Evidence from Household-Level Panel DataKhush Bukhat ZahidDr. Munir Ahmad
Regional Disparities in Education: An Analysis of Rural and Urban Areas of PakistanMuhammad Hafiz AdeelDr. Usman Mustafa
Tracking the Dynamics of Interaction between Fiscal and Monetary Policy in PakistanMuhammad ShahidDr. Abdul Qayyum
Papers on Relationship between Inflation and Relative Price Variability: Case of PakistanSaghir Pervaiz GhauriDr. Abdul Qayyum
Institutions, Innovation and Economic GrowthZafir Ullah KhanDr. Anwar Hussain
Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Transfer and Economic GrowthAbdul SattarDr. Ejaz Ghani/ Dr. Wasim Shahid Malik
Four Essays on New-Keynesian MacroeconomicsAdnan HaiderDr. Musleh ud Din/ Dr. Ejaz Ghani
Testing the Monetary Approach to Exchange Rate Determination: The Case of PakistanArshad KhanDr. Abdul Qayyum/ Dr. Fazal Husain
Exchange Rate Pass-through To Consumer Prices In Pakistan:does Misalignment Matter?Atif Ali JaffriDr. Rehana Siddiqui/ Dr. Shahnaz A. Rauf
Housing demand in urban areas of PakistanAyaz AhmadDr. Rehana Siddiqui/ Dr. Nasir Iqbal
Some Issues in the National Income Accounts of Pakistan (Rebasing, Quarterly and Provincial Accounts and Growth AccountingFarooq ArbyDr. A. R. Kemal/ Dr. Musleh ud Din
Estimating the Optimal Monetary Policy Rule for PakistanGhulam SaghirDr. Wasim Shahid Malik/ Dr. Fazal Husain
Socio Economic Determinant of HappinessGhulam Fatima SharifDr. Eatzaz Ahmed/ Dr. Rehana Siddiqui
Does Global Financial Crisis Effect Exchange Rates Dynamics: Empirical Evidence from the Synthesis of Keynesian, Monetary and Portfolio ApproachHafsa HinaDr. Abdul Qayyum
Measuring the Effects of Public Expenditures and Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Private Investment: The Case of PakistanImtiaz AhmadDr. Faiz Bilquees / Dr. Abdul Qayyum
Balance Of Payments, Real Vs Monetary PhenomenonIrem BatoolDr. A. R. Kemal/ Dr. Musleh ud Din
Dynamic Effects of Monetary Policy on Macroeconomic Variables in Pakistan: A Disaggregated AnalysisKashif MunirDr. Abdul Qayyum
Food Price Shocks and Household Welfare Comparisons: Evidence from Household Panel Data in Rural PakistanLubna NazDr. Munir Ahmad/ Dr. G.M. Arif
Does Fiscal Policy Matter? Evidence for PakistanMahmood KhalidDr. Eatzaz Ahmad/ Dr. Rehana Siddiqui
International Trade, Human Capital, and Economic Growth: A Cross Country AnalysisMiraj ul HaqDr. Ejaz Ghani/ Dr. Musleh ud Din
Three Essays on Monetary policy and Exchange RateMuhammad WaheedDr. Ather Maqsood Ahmed/ Dr. Rehana Siddiqui
Financial Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Heterogeneous Panel DataNadim HanifDr. Abdul Qayyum/ Dr. Rehana Siddiqui
Impact of Trade Liberalization on the Environmental QualityNaila JabeenDr. Rehana Siddiqui/ Dr. Eatzaz Ahmed
Fiscal Decentralization, Macroeconomic Stability and Economic GrowthNasir IqbalDr. Musleh ud Din/ Dr. Ejaz Ghani
Overall and sectorial sustainability analysis of Pakistan Economy through Genuine SavingRehmat AliDr. Rehana Siddiqui/ Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
An Analysis of the Effects of Economic Reforms and Openness on Structure, Conduct and Performance of Agro-based Industries in PakistanSaeed Ahmed SheikhDr. Musleh ud Din/ Dr. Ejaz Ghani
Institutions, Fiscal Policy and Economic GrowthSaima NawazDr. Musleh ud Din/ Dr. M. Idrees Khawaja
Channels and Lags in Effects of Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism: A Case of PakistanSajawal KhanDr. Abdul Qayyum/ Dr. Fazal Husain
Impact of Financial Sector Reforms on Banking Sector of PakistanSamina SabirDr. Abdul Qayyum/ Dr. Musleh ud Din
Financial Liberalization and its Impact on Economic Growth of PakistanSamina ShabirDr. Zafar Mahmood
Educational Mismatches: Monetary and Non-Monetary Consequences in PakistanShujaat FarooqDr. G. M. Arif/ Dr. Abdul Qayyum
Resource Allocation among Consumption, Labour Supply, Human Capital, Social Capital and Religious Human Capital: Theory and Empirical AnalysisSyed Akhtar H. ShahDr. Eatzaz Ahmad/ Dr. Musleh ud Din
Debt Sustainability and Dynamics in Pakistan: Theory and EvidenceTahir MahmoodDr. Athar Maqsood Ahmed/ Dr. Shahnaz A. Rauf
Performance of Export-Oriented Manufacturer in Pakistan: Evidence from Micro and Macro Level DataTariq MahmoodDr. Musleh ud Din/ Dr. Ejaz Ghani
Three Essays on Monetary Policy in PakistanWasim Shahid MalikDr. Athar Maqsood Ahmed/ Dr. Musleh ud Din
Sensitivity and Simulation Analysis of Granger Causality, and Structural Causality (An Empirical InvestigationZahid AsgharDr. Assad Zaman/ Dr. Rehana Siddiqui

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