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MPhil Business Economics

Program Objectives:

M.Phil Program in Business Economics aims at meeting the educational and professional needs and expectations of those who require a comprehensive business education with policy making skills and understand governance issues as well as an opportunity to develop strong business and management skills.

Eligibility Criteria

Admissions are made once in a calendar year, i.e., July and the semester starts in September. The criteria for admission are based on admission test or GRE score (for foreign students), interview and previous degrees. A person 16 years education in Business or Economics etc. from a Pakistani Institute recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC), or an equivalent degree from any other HEC recognized Institute, with at least a second division (annual system) or CGPA 2.5/4.0 (semester system) can apply for admission to the M.Phil Business Economics programme.

Eligibility Criteria: 16 Years of Education in Business and Economics and other relevant fields.

Program Structure

Total Credit Hours: 33
Core Course Credit hrs: 21
Elective Course Credit hrs: 6
Thesis/Research Work: 6

Duration: 2 years (with the provision of one year extension)

Semester-Wise Course Stream M.Phil. Business Economics:
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCredit HoursPre-RequisiteSemester
BE-541Econometric MethodsCore3NilSemester-I
BE-502Business StudiesCore3NilSemester-I
Elective -01 (Business Stream)Elective3NilSemester-I
BE-504Entrepreneurship & NPDCore3NilSemester-II
BE-503Business ModellingCore3Semester-II
Elective – 02 (Economics Stream)Elective3NilSemester-II
BE-621Advance Research MethodologyNon Credit but Mandatory to Pass this Course for Thesis RegistrationSemester-III
BE-699Thesis24 Credit Hour Course Work Completed with at least 3.0 CGPASemester-IV
Elective Courses (Economics Stream)
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Requisite
BE-632Public Policy3Nil
BE-633Monetary Economics3Nil
BE-634Industrial Policy3Nil
BE-635Resource Economics3Nil
BE-636Economics of Governance3Nil
BE-637Agriculture Development3Nil
BE-653Financial Market & Institutions3Nil
BE-673Labour Law3Nil
BE-677Corporate Governance3Nil
BE-677Managerial Economics3Nil
Elective Courses (Business Stream)
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Requisite
BE-651Corporate Finance3Nil
BE-652Investment & Corporate Portfolio3Nil
BE-654International Finance3Nil
BE-661International Marketing3Nil
BE-662Services Marketing3Nil
BE-663New Product Development3Nil
BE-671Human Resource Management3Nil
BE-672Industrial Relation3Nil
BE-681Banks Management3Nil
BE-682Portfolio Management3Nil
BE-683Supply Chain Management3Nil
BE-684Taxation Management3Nil
BE-685Change Management3Nil
BE-686Operations Management3Nil
BE-687Advanced Topics In Managerial Economics3Nil
BE-688Business Analytics3Nil
BE-689Big data and Data Visualization3Nil

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