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Scholarships Offered

PIDE offers two types of scholarships
1. Internal scholarships

PIDE always holds a significant number of projects where students are engaged and paid. On internal side, PIDE is offering four sorts of scholarship:

    • Merit Based Scholarship
    • Research Assistant (RA)ship;

The main objective of RA ship is to include students in PIDE’s research agenda so they must be involved in policy based research as well as conduct research on real national issues. RA ship is available all time to every student. Recently 85 research topics have been floated and out of which 47 studies have been processed. View Policy on Inducting Research Assistants (RA)

    • Teaching Assistant (TA) ship
    • Involvement of PIDE’s students in projects.
2. External Scholarships

The following external scholarships are available for students.

    • HEC Need Based Scholarship
    • KPK Endowment Fund
    • Punjab Education Endowment
    • NEST Scholarship
    • Pakistan Bait Ul Mal Scholarship
    • Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement Scheme

Note: During last 3 years on average our 60% of the students has availed internal /external scholarships.

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